Meeting Minutes 4/2/2019

Alta-Aurelia Senior Sam Zimmerman spoke to us about his recent trip to NASA Space Center. Sam was the only A-A student making the trip this year. The journey began with a 22 hr. bus ride from Sioux City to Houston. Sam stated that there were 200 students from across the country in attendance.

Upon arrival the 200 were divided into four groups of 50 who in competition against one another. Sam’s group was involved in Human Engineering aboard a simulated Space Station. They were to figure out how to lower pressure, control atmosphere content, and recycle air and water for a settlement of 20,000 people. In addition to competing students were also given a tour of the Johnson Space Center and interspace training.

While on tour Sam and the others met Norman Chaffee designer of the Saturn Rocket series. Sam’s intentions after graduation are to join the National Guard, then attend ISU to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Kiwanis business:  Apr. 5— Next pop can collection.

Apr. 11– Kiwanis members needed to help stuff eggs for Community Easter Egg Hunt.

Apr. 12—-  Kiwanis members to make pancakes for PTO Pancake Supper Fundraiser 5-7pm at Alta School Cafeteria. Need 6-8 volunteers.

Inner club visits in April and May.

Correspondence:    Thank you from Sam Zimmerman for Kiwanis donation for NASA Trip.

                                                             Ken Lenz, secretary

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