Meeting Minutes 2/19/19

Once again our club welcomed two guest speakers. First was Julie Langner— Alta-Aurelia School Librarian.

Julie discussed two topics. On March 4-8th Book Fair at the school library. This Book Fair targets pre-school and middle school students. Because of donations from parents, the school, and other organizations students will be able to receive free books. Her second topic referred to a Pre-School Literacy Night April 24. This event is different from the book fair. Its primary purpose is to promote reading among younger students.

Our second speaker was Bret Wilkinson Bret is the B.V. County Engineer and fellow Kiwanis member. He talked about construction of the new maintenance shed at N.W. corner of Radio Road and Richland St.  Contractors for the $2.2 million project are H&R Contractors from South Sioux City. Engineer’s and Supervisor’s offices, equipment bays, and maintenance will be housed in one building. The old maintenance shed on Hudson St. has been sold to Tyson. Bret also talked about the Sioux Rapids bridge project. An 80,000 lb. limit has been placed on the bridge. Replacement construction of the bridge is set for 2020-21.

Kiwanis business:    Feb 21— Kiwanis Valentine Dinner Buffalo Ridge, Alta. 6pm

Feb. 22— Next pop can collection

Mar. 10—  Kiwanis Pancake Fundraiser at Alta School Cafeteria 10am-1pm.

Donation made to two A-A wrestlers who competed at State Tournament.

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