Meeting Minutes 1/15/19

Guest speaker Tues. Jan. 15 was Jon Hansen. Jon is first cousin of our Kiwanis President, Pam Henderson and her sister Lynette Hansen. He grew up in Alta and his mother was Luv Hansen. Jon worked in the concrete industry all his life. He is now retired and has moved back to Alta where he built a new house on the site of his mother’s old house. Jon was influenced to go into the concrete industry when his dad went to Alaska in 1942 to help build the Alaskan Highway. In 1998, Jon was encouraged by a friend to apply for a job just opening up in the concrete business in eastern Iowa. Later he moved to Washington D.C. area working at National Ready-Mix. He worked closely with several national companies such as Wal-Mart and Wal-Greens in planning and construction of concrete parking lots. Jon also stated that Iowa leads the nation in technology and construction of concrete roadway paving. Iowa State University offers a course in concrete construction. Jon is also a member of Board of Directors of Concrete.

Kiwanis business:  Jan 25— Next pop can collection.

Nominations for Officers– Need someone to be Vice-President.

Thurs. Jan 16—  Division 6 Council meeting 7pm. Lake Ave. Lounge, Storm Lake.

Feb. 11—  Alta School Pancake Lunch Day.

Mar. 10—- Pancake Fundraiser at Alta Elementary- H.S. cafeteria 

Correspondence:   NE/IA Foundation approved our grant request for playground swing set.  $2,500.

                                             Ken Lenz, secretary

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