Meeting Minutes 1/8/19

Our guest speaker Tuesday morning was Tom Ryherd. Mr. Ryherd has been Alta-Aurelia High School Principal for the past 10 years. He began by thanking our Kiwanis club for all of our help and support to the A-A schools over the years. Mr. Ryherd spoke on a couple of topics. First, because of recent school consolidation there is a need to improve signage. New signs will be posted on West Highway and along Highway 7 giving directions to the high school. The signs would also direct visitors to the football and baseball fields. 

Secondly, Mr. Ryherd talked about A-A schools being a model in assisting kids learning. MTSS (Mullti-Tier System of Success) ia a one of its kind learning experience. Students are assisted on different levels to improve reading and math skills. The program which began at the Freshman level involves lots of testing. 

Mrs. Jen Radke and Mrs. Lindsey Brown are the leaders. Students take a 30 question test to determinewhere they may need specific help. 

Enrollment facts:   218 high school; 300 Elementary.  Between Alta and Aurelia combined 760 in K-12.52 pre-school for overall total of 812.

Kiwanis business:  Jan. 11– Next pop can collection.

Jan. 15— Officer nominations

Jan. 15— Board meeting

Jan. 17— Division 6 Council meeting 7pm Lake Ave. Lounge Storm Lake.

Correspondence:  Thank you from Kiwanis Children’s Fund for our donation.

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